Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just In Time

My peony bouquets are blooming just in time for Mother's Day.  There are two big white blossoms on the plant right next to these strawberry ice-cream pinks.  Gorgeous combo!

So far, so good with the cayenne pepper on the Tropicana.  At least the last remaining bud is still intact.  After the rain of the other day, I'm going to give the poor bedraggled rose another sprinkle.  Hey, whatever works.

Update:  Poppy is beating the odds and is still wobbling around.  She gimps herself up and down the slopes, but can move pretty fast if there is a treat in the offing.  It is with hesitation that I look over into her stall every morning, and a surprise when I see her head up.  Her breathing is labored, but somehow she keeps going.  It's not her time yet.

My Kids are coming up tomorrow, exclamation point and a big smiley face!  I've been instructed not to cook anything.  I won't know how to act.  One of my pleasures is working in the kitchen, listening to the Kids tell stories and laugh in the other room, sometimes throwing each other under the bus (I learn a lot this way).  However, if they want to treat me like a Queen, so be it.  If I hurry, I've still got time to dust.  Or not.


Kathryn said...

What a glorious blog...that color of your peony is breathtaking, yay for the cayenne, double yay for Poppy, and a Mother's Day for Queen Bo! Can't get much better than that!!

Emmy Abrahams said...

And no one will notice if you DONT dust.