Thursday, May 21, 2015


I saw a jackrabbit, long ears and long legs, leisurely making his way down the drive yesterday.  Once upon a time there were dozens of bunnies that would meet for coffee klatches in the side yard of a morning, but I've not sighted one in a long, long time.

The bats are back!  I saw the first ones flitting around the oaks a night or two ago as I was coming back up at dusk after putting the girls to bed.  For once, Google has let me down.  I don't know and can't seem to find out where the bats go when they're not here.  I just know how happy it makes me to see them.

It's a little unnerving to look into the goat pen and see disembodied heads, as Cindy appears here.  It's not that the weeds are that high, only about mid-shin, but the girls have dug wallows where they like to lie and the foxtails surround them.

Sending gifts and cards late is a tradition between my son Pete and me.  (I mailed his Christmas cookies last month.)  I was a little alarmed yesterday when I saw a small Penske moving truck coming up the drive.  Sure the driver had gotten himself lost, I went out to give directions.  He was rummaging in the truck and came out with a package addressed only to "Mom."  When the Kids were still home, I'd get mail addressed to "The Wild Bunch."  I guess my reputation precedes me.  Why the FedEx guy was driving a Penske truck...well, only FedEx knows.  I've been using a very good wallet that Pete had given me probably 20-plus years ago and it was showing signs of wear.  He replaced it with a new, sleek and fashionable model.  I got a laugh as I was transferring stuff in the old wallet to the new.  I never lie about my age, but weight is a different matter.  Thank goodness DMV doesn't have a scale for verification when they ask for weight on a driver's license.  For the first time in I don't know when I saw that I am only three pounds over the wishful-thinking number I'd put down way back when.  Pete and I talked last evening and we agreed there is something poignant about disposing of a familiar, old, used wallet.  It seems so unkind to just pitch it in the trash.  Ah, well.

Who knows what I'll see today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I love that "Mom" got to you! And congrats on the oh-so-close "wishful thinking" weight on the driver's license. I once flew from Anchorage to Kenai and was shocked when, at the counter, they asked how much each passenger weighed...out front of everyone...LOL. When we got to Kenai, our hostess laughed and said that she should have warned us, as she has a trick...she has it prewritten on a piece of paper that she just slides to the person behind the counter. But I was told that those same people are pretty good judges and they just mentally add some if they think that the passengers are fudging a bit.