Monday, May 11, 2015

Queen For A Day

Well, it just doesn't get much better.  I've got one foot in paradise whenever I'm with my Kids, and yesterday was no exception.  Deb, Craig, Dave, and Larry came up in early afternoon and it was, "Let the games begin!"  Pete and Clay called with loving good wishes, and both were missed.  The only failing in the day was that the Kids had not read page 72 in the Mother's Day Manual, the part that says Mother should win at poker.  Oh well.  All the Kids are natural comedians, and I've often said that Larry could out-Robin Robin Williams.  He was in rare form and I literally laughed until I cried.  My job is to play straight man, and more often the fall guy.  I wish I had a sound track of what went on around the table; it would go viral.  Instead of cooking, they'd brought huge platters of a variety of croissant sandwiches and cold shrimp, a cold fruit salad, chips, and (nom nom nom) a cheesecake!!  Gourmet fare and I didn't lift a finger.

For Bessie Anne, company means treats and she made the rounds, cadging from everyone.  I should say that these were her own goodies.  She will never beg at the table.  That's a no-no.  Ralph put in an appearance, going especially to Larry.  If it had not been for Larry, I would not have these feline characters.  Celeste did her disappearing act as usual, coming out of hiding when the last taillights turned onto the road.

My mother said that the more you love, the more you can love.  I truly don't know how I could love my children more.

It was a grand day!

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Kathryn said...

To know one is loved is a wonderful gift. It does indeed sound like a grand day!