Sunday, May 17, 2015

Home Invasion

I've had a list of chores on my board for some time, stuff I either needed help with or stuff I couldn't do myself.  (Ever since I got myself stuck on the roof, I've been forbidden to climb up there again.)  The first members of this gang of worker bees showed up at 9 a.m. and Deb and Craig went right to work.  Let me be perfectly clear about this:  I did not organize this group, nor was I in charge.  My son Dave gathered this motley crew and was the main ramrod, not that anyone needed pushing.  They seemed to have self-assigned tasks and there was no slacking.  Clay drove up next, followed by Larry and my granddaughter Taylor.  Lastly, Dave and my boys (I'm the official Club Momma), members of Freed Spirits Motorcycle Club, and their ladies roared up the drive on their Harleys.  Between them all, they weeded and weed-whacked, cleaned gutters and chimney, swept a winter's worth of leaves and repaired the deck, installed two new storm doors, filled (and I mean filled!) a truck with accumulated trash for the dump, put in a new panel on the barn roof, and tamped in t-post markers for a water line and to fix a sagging pig garden fence.  There's probably more, but I'm already on gratitude overload.  The club provided the fixings and the only thing I had to do all day was cook fajitas for this hungry wild bunch.  What a joy to cook for a crowd again!  Just for the heck of it, I also made a freezer of homemade fresh strawberry ice cream.  From the kitchen, I could hear laughing (the Farview Farm sound track) and teasing and the sound of drills and hammers.  What these Kids accomplished in a matter of hours...well, need I say more?

The weather had been perfect all day, and then the clouds came over and a cold wind kicked up and it was time for the bikers to get their tailpipes home.  Deb, Craig, and Clay stayed to watch the Preakness race, and then they too left for a well-deserved rest.  Me, I walked around and looked in wonder at all that had been done.  My cup runneth over.

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Kathryn Williams said...

That brought tears to my eyes - tears of gratitude for the fine souls that you raised, the add-ons, and their friends. What a WONDERFUL example of "Charity begins at home!" And I don't mean Charity in the "helpless" sense, but in the win-win sense of family and caring and just plain help. What a GREAT quarter-century birthday gift!