Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I imagine the whole mountain heard me laughing yesterday morning when I opened the door to the shed to get birdseed and acorns came pouring out.  Talk about a surprise!!  Stunned, I just stood there for a minute, trying to process what I was seeing.  Acorns two feet deep.  Hundreds of pounds of acorns.  Twenty-five years of diligent effort by woodpeckers stashing acorns into holes bored in the eaves had come crashing down.

The weight of the years finally brought down the entire ceiling in the shed, dumping acorn treasure on the floor.  There are going to be a lot of disappointed birds.  As a friend of mine said, it's the family inheritance.

I waded through acorns, got the birdseed, served the waiting turkeys, and shut the door.  I simply don't know how I'm going to dispose of all these acorns.  Can't put 'em in the trash, can't burn 'em, can't imagine the mountain of acorns if I pile 'em down the hill.  It will take a week just to get 'em out of the shed!  This is going to require some careful thought.  One thing for sure, life at Farview is full of surprises and some, like this one, just make me laugh.

I got another, better, surprise later when I stopped to pick up my mail on the way to the grocery store.  Santa had left a gaily wrapped small package in the box.  Since it was from Santa Claus (he'd signed it), I will wait until Christmas to open it, but I am definitely curious.

Two surprises in one day were enough for me.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Had similar experience when living in Trinity County.. The acorn woodpeckers loved my house.
Finally the weight of all those acorns pushed some wires together and caused small fire
When volunteer fire depot were routed out of bar, and came up, they had to Climb over hill of acorns to get into house.
Later someone shoveled them away for me.
Next year woodpeckers came right back to new wall.
They are very territorial.

Linda Cox said...

Too funny!

Kathryn Williams said...

I can't even imagine seeing that many acorns! But yes, what a laugh!