Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wild Side

Celeste is showing a new side of her personality.  Usually she is calm, rather sedate, and the one who keeps rowdy Ralph in line.  In the last week, she's done an about-face, leaping about, chasing Ralph, playing with toys and the bits and bobs he's dragged out.  I got a good photo of her yesterday, but the computer is cranky and won't let me pull it up to post.  Not content with the overflowing basket of cat and dog toys, she found one of my stuffed pigs, a small replica of Babe from the movie.  I became aware of this when I was hit in the head with Babe, flung through the air by Celeste.  I think we'll have to have a talk about yours and mine.  She and Ralph seem to have done a switcheroo.  Now he is the one snoozing on my lap or on the couch while she races around like something demented.  It could be worse; they could both be acting like nutters at the same time.

The rain, hail, and frost had the truck cleaned up and looking good, but when I left for a trip to town (aaargh) yesterday I was taken aback to find the hood of the truck covered in muddy prints and a few "deposits."  It appears that Narcissus and his mates have taken to roosting on the truck.  These are big birds and they leave big tracks.  I think they're making themselves way too comfortable here.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  It is also Camille's birthday.  I've invited her and Linda to stop by for a drink in the afternoon.  That's about as much of a walk on the wild side as I'm ready to do these days.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You will have to celebrate the New Year on London time! Cheers!