Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Meet my new Best Friend Betty.  When I went into the pen to give the chickens their morning slurp of milk on my way back from the barn yesterday, the little red hen again asked to be picked up.  Okay, I've always got time for a chicken snuggle.  And last night, there she was again.  It's not easy to take a selfie with a hen cuddled in your arm at sundown, so this is the best I could do.  I absolutely love it when an animal (or fowl) shows a distinctive personality.  The pullets are fitting themselves into the flock well.  The older hens sometimes put the youngsters in their place with a well-timed bonk on the head, just as they discipline the ground squirrels when they get too pushy.

There is a trainee in the radiation-oncology office.  She was having difficulty getting me in position for the machine to do its thing yesterday.  The staff was letting her struggle on her own; she must learn to do it herself.  It probably didn't help that I started laughing as she pulled and pushed me this way and that like a side of beef.  I know full well that this is serious business, but honestly, it's pretty funny.  Finally she broke out laughing, too, and then it went much smoother.  Only four more trips!

Had a lovely phone call from Clay in the afternoon.  Here's a shout-out to the gang at Bimbo Bakery who, Clay tells me, follow the blog (especially Charlie).  Thanks, fellas.

We've lost about an hour of daylight as we begin to change seasons.  Six-thirty now and the sun isn't quite up, and sundown comes at eight.  Not so long ago it was still light at nine o'clock.  Pretty soon I'll have to change all the clocks again.  Sigh.

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Kathryn Williams said...

It's not even easy to take a selfie while giving a baby a bottle - I can't even imagine with a BFB in your arms...yay - good job and how fun that you have a new BF. Loved the story of the laughing radiation experience! After today...THREE!!