Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Slow Start

It seems I'm a sunup-sundown person.  I wake up these days with the feeling I'm late!  And, of course, I am.  It's getting light later, but the clock keeps on ticking.  Where I'd been getting up at 4:30 well before daybreak, now it's nearly 6:30 as it's getting light and I waken.  On the other end, darkness comes before 8 p.m. and I get sleepy soon after putting the critters to bed.  Obviously, I wouldn't do well in one of those places on earth where the sun either doesn't rise (or set) for months at a time.

I'd taken a half a chicken breast and a cup or so of homemade marinara sauce from the freezer, so the thing to do at the last minute, obviously, was invite Cam for dinner last night.  Whatever possessed me?  How in the world to stretch those meager fixings to a meal for two?  Slice the chicken, saute with onion and garlic, add the sauce with herbs and spices, cook some wide noodles, put in plenty of cheese, and voila!  There was even enough for seconds.  Camille brought a chock-a-block salad and we ate like queens out on the deck.

It's burning daylight and I'm already behind the eight-ball.  I prefer to ease into the day and don't like hitting the floor running, but that's what happens when you get a slow start.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Those are my hours too.
I usually leap out( well, ease out) of bed at five, but now it's six...
And last night is was dark by 8:30, and I wondered why I was still up.

The chickens have the right idea...

So glad you are not driving this week and
Won't it be nice to have some cooler days, ....maybe next week.

Kathryn Williams said...

I would LIKE to be more of a morning person (and will have to soon when the babysitting starts), but I don't yet like my evenings cut short.