Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sundown, Moonup

Star thistle abounds, but it's too dry to bring out John Dear.  I didn't plant a garden due to the increased water usage that would require.  Having dusted the other day, there's still a bit of a shine so no use becoming a fanatic about that.  The summer doldrums are upon us.

There are some things I could be doing.  I could load the truck with stuff for the dump, but then that would require a trip to town (I shudder at the thought).  I could clean up the mess in the feed room from Thing's latest rampage, but he'd just throw everything off the shelves again so that would be an exercise in futility.  He found a partial roll of paper towels recently and gaily festooned the room.  He's just full of surprises.  I could wash clothes, but with the clothesline still down, I wait for full loads of laundry to get the best use of the dryer.  I could be doing these things, but what I do best is make excuses and wait for sundown and the slight drop in temperature that brings.

I know it had to be a month ago, but it seems like just the other day when I commented on the full moon rising and here it is again.  Coyotes yip and howl on the hill across the road as they take advantage of that giant nightlight to hunt.

It was a good, albeit hot, day.  I just didn't get a lot done.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Full moon is like a time to pause and celebrate the passing seasons.
And this summer we won't miss when it finally is gone. ( although I never have been wanting for squash)

Kathryn Williams said...

After the last month you had, I think you deserve to not do whatever you don't want to do!