Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quick Change Artist

I'm beginning to feel like an Edwardian lady, what with all this changing of attire on go-to-town days.  Bibbies for barn work, jeans and a clean top for the doctors' office (they're only interested in my upper half), back to bibbies to put the kids to bed, and lastly a nightie.  It also makes for a mountain of laundry.  The dog gets depressed when I put on a bra because she knows I'll be leaving.  Living alone as I do, I don't bother anymore at home.  The bib on bibbies hides a multitude of sins and/or deficiencies and, at my age, nobody looks anymore anyhow.  That implement of torture is the first thing off when I get home.  Ahhh!

Monday appointments are going to take longer, as that's "see the doctor" day.  Yesterday I was informed that they want to extend treatment for an additional week for targeted booster radiation.  On finding that it would "boost" chances by only a degree or two, I declined.  All this changing clothes is getting to me.

I'm running late, the computer keeps locking up, I've got feed to unload from the truck, and I've got to get dressed.


Emmy Abrahams said...

I agree about at home dress.....which sometimes extends to going out and about as well.
At our age, tho I am much older than you...comfort is most important thing..

And watering, taking out the garbage, or going for the mail .... I AM WHAT I AM. ,

Kathryn Williams said...

I applaud you both!