Friday, August 12, 2016

Ta Da!

My little girls are growing up.  I found a pullet egg, the first, in the coop yesterday, ta da!  Pickings have been mighty slim in the egg department for quite awhile; could be due to the hens' age, the heat, or....  I've had no eggs to sell, and few for personal use.  I did threaten the girls with the Colonel Sanders song, but they've remained unimpressed, a bunch of freeloaders on the dole.  Perhaps if the little girls start producing, it might stimulate competition in the flock.  (She said hopefully.)

As I was telling my cousin the other day, Bessie Anne thinks I've gotten a job because I leave every weekday, and she wants to know where is the paycheck.  I hate to have her think I've been fired, but, boy, will I be happy for the end of this commute after today.  I'll be done with doctors (I think) until a follow-up appointment with the oncologist in late September.  Ta da!

I stopped for gasoline (again!) on the way home and decided to replenish feed at the same time.  Normally, the girls get lactating goat chow that has more protein in the form of pellets mixed in, but the last two bags of chow have been old.  It's pretty bad when even the mice won't eat the pellets.  Feed is too expensive to bring home just to throw out, and I don't have anywhere or any way to throw it anyway.  I can't know the bag is bad until it's dumped in the barrel, and once it's in the barrel, it's impossible for me to lift.  This time, I got a bag of sweet cob for the ladies.  I know the mice will be happy.

That cooler break in the weather is at an end, it seems.  It's been heating up the last couple of days and even hotter temperatures are predicted.  And I expected what?  It's summer, don'tcha know.

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Kathryn Williams said...

It's just after midnight, so it is Saturday...AND YOU ARE FINISHED! I sure hope that the docs didn't throw you a curve and that you really are freed from making the dreadful drive. Woo Hoo!