Saturday, August 6, 2016

Start To Finish

After I finish with barn chores, Bess likes me to take her outside.  She's perfectly capable of going out on her own but she likes my company and I enjoy hers, so we go together.  I miss sitting on the bench at the south end of the deck, but at this time of year we stay in the shade by the dining room where there is a small table and a couple of chairs.  "Now how did a leaf get caught in the porch light way up there?"  (I said to Self.  I talk to Self a lot.)  Curiosity got me and I had to look.  Had this moth been anywhere else, I would have missed it completely, so well camouflaged.  It made for an interesting start to the day.

The trip to Cameron Park was uneventful; another week crossed off the calendar.

I'd just finished an early dinner when a neighbor called.  Could I see smoke over to the north from my place?  She'd heard sirens, never a good sound.  Going out to look, I could see a smoky haze, but no column or plume.  Of course I called Camille and left a message.  It's the Fair Play version of jungle drums.  She called back shortly and had checked the local FB page.  There was a fire burning up Slug Gulch and down on Rocky Bar Road, a fairly inaccessible area not far from here.  Cam called again a little later and said "they" were asking for people with pickup trucks to help transport the fire crews down to the line.  It was about an hour before sundown so I jumped in my truck (4WD) and took off.  Anything to help those who do so much for us.  As it turned out when I got to the staging site, no one had asked for trucks and none were needed so it seemed prudent to just get out of their way.  The best part of this story is that the fire was contained to about ten acres and was out before dark.

An interesting day, start to finish.


Kathryn Williams said...

Whew on the fire's quick dispatch, AND another week down! You are in the home stretch!

Emmy Abrahams said...

Time flying..when you have so much to do, and think about..

And Congrats for keeping up with your daily blog....we all appreciate that