Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not Much

Yesterday I stuck to the plan of doing not much.  This is the couch I'd be sitting on if I were a true couch potato.  Not a very inspiring photo, but it wasn't a very inspiring day.  The couch is significant, however, in that it has a much needed new slip cover.  Ralph and sun damage had left the sofa with rips and tears and stuffing showing.  I find that when faced with mounting financial responsibilities (bills), it does wonders for my spirits to spend a few dollars on something not absolutely necessary.  I like the couch because, unlike what seems to be the current trend in sofas, one doesn't sink into low cushions and need a crane to get up from this one.  When we moved into this house, everything was powder blue:  tile counters in the kitchen, carpet throughout, grout and patterned tile in the bathrooms.  Over time, all blue has been replaced by shades of green and white.  I like green.

It was a good day to watch an excellent film, "The Heiress," with Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, and Ralph Richardson (1949).  No matter how many times I've seen it, this movie never fails to impress.

It was hot, hot, hot.  Not much else to say about that.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Couch looks great and your day of rest (kinda) sounds wonderful! May there be more - only not as hot!