Friday, August 5, 2016

Who Needs It?

I'll give the little guy this, he's got moxie.  (He's on the right, she's on the left.)  The two were locked in a game of tug-of-war over a shrouded victim, flailing at each other with those long legs as they balanced on the delicate web.  Mules can't hold a candle to spiders when it comes to stubbornness; they stayed locked on for the duration of my time in the barn, neither willing to give up the prize.  Who needs TV?

Ralph and Celeste don't need television to amuse themselves, either.  They sit at the front screen door and watch live "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, or, in this case, I guess it's "Jerry and Jerry."  The family of ground squirrels put in a change-of-address card and have officially made themselves at home here.  The cats don't bother with kek-kek-kek anymore, but sit with swiveling heads to watch the youngsters run back and forth on the front porch, sometimes so brazen as to come up on the step and stare back at the cats.

What is it about Thursdays?  There was more traffic yesterday than there's been all week combined, going and coming.  I pulled over a couple of times on Bucks Bar on the way out to let cars go past (and I wasn't going slow, either), and three times on the way back.  I don't like people riding up my tailpipe, nor will I be pushed to speed up over 45 on that winding road.  Being in a hurry didn't pay off for some poor sucker.  Coming around a particularly bad blind curve on a steep section known as The Devil's Elbow, there was a man standing in the road to stop traffic.  I asked if he were all right, and he said, "Yeah, he's okay."  Rounding the bend, there was a pickup truck on its side, the contents of its bed scattered over the road.  Somebody's day was ruined, for sure.  I'm glad "he's okay," whoever he is.  I was pleased, however, that I made it past before the cops, EMTs, and tow-trucks arrived or I'd probably be there still.

Cartoons in the morning, drama in the afternoon, and a gorgeous evening nature show.  Who needs TV?