Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ace Detective

The assignment was this:  find out who laid the white eggs.  Being a super sleuth, I followed the lead provided yesterday by informant Kathy V. and held a lineup of the usual suspects to determine the perpetrators (assuming there were two).  The white hens had already been cleared of suspicion by evidence left in the nest, obviously a case of mistaken identity.  Walking slowly past the unruly and semi-cooperative hens (Frederick had been excused), it didn't take long for this ace detective to identify the give-away white earlobes.
This is the mugshot of one, still wearing a disguise.  I had resigned myself to having two more males in the flock, as these birds have an oversize, floppy comb as do most roosters.  I'd seen them in the nesting boxes now and then but thought perhaps they had gender envy and were imitating the females, never once thinking they might be laying eggs.

I have no idea what breed these hens are, another mystery for another day.

This case is now closed.

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