Monday, September 26, 2016

Creature Comfort

For no particular reason, Celeste's pose tickled me.  She often lies this way on hot days, completely stretched out to catch the slightest breeze from the open doors.  It was her little crossed paws that got my attention.  She does like her creature comforts.

There is one mouse down in the barn who also gets special notice.  As I do every day, Sheila's milk gets squirted onto wipes on a ledge and also hung on the used-wipe bucket for the colony to suck up.  There is always some overspray that lands on the upright shovel nearby.  This particular mouse discovered that if she stands at the base of the shovel blade, milk will run like a waterfall right into her mouth, saving her the effort of sucking on the wipes.  Nothing if not willing to accommodate, now I also squirt milk on the shovel.

I'd thought Betty would outgrow her need to be carried like a baby, but every day she runs ahead of me, stopping and getting in my way until I pick her up.  We collect eggs together as she quietly chats and then she asks to be let down.

Yes, I'm guilty of spoiling my critters.

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