Wednesday, September 28, 2016

On The Road Again

Oh, how I love to be on the road again...not!  (Apologies to Willie Nelson.)  Appointments in Cameron Park on Monday, again yesterday, and a third on Friday.  Yech!  Dr. D was very reassuring about the results of the surgery yesterday and I won't need to see her again for six months, both good news for me.  The receptionist was filling out an appointment card and wrote March __, 2016.  Me, "Um, that would be 2017, don't you think?"  I don't even have a calendar for 2017 to write it on and I'm certainly not used to thinking that far ahead.

However, I definitely am looking forward to tomorrow when my friends Kit and Tinka will visit.  Kit has been on the road a lot this year and I really want to hear about their plans to go to Ireland next year (that would be 2017).  Having been rather incapacitated the past few weeks, I have a long To-Do list today.

As Crocodile Dundee would say, "Now that's a tomato sandwich!"  I had stopped by Cam's the other day and raided her tomato vines.  Overdosing on the little Sungolds that night, I moved on to probably the most delicious gems I've ever eaten.  These rosy-orange beauties are exceptionally sweet and juicy, very low acid.  I will eat tomatoes for lunch and dinner until they run out.

Tomorrow will come quickly, and time and dust wait for no man.  I have things to do and, thankfully, no place to go.

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Kathryn said...

Silly girl...I TOLD you not to dust!!! 😄