Wednesday, September 21, 2016

No Show

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, happened yesterday.  The customer who had asked me to save milk for an ailing calf called and left a message that the calf was doing better and he didn't need the milk.  This, after I'd walked past a pen full of disappointed chickens who were looking for their morning treat.  Oh well.

Watched a terrific and apparently semi-accurate docudrama, "Royal Wives At War," about the feud between Queen Elizabeth and Wallis Simpson as Edward VIII abdicated the throne.  He was a no-show as king of England.

No sign of Arden in the afternoon, which turned out to be a good thing because there was no sign of the vultures, either.  In talking about the migration with Cam, it turns out they'd gathered and flown off a couple of days before.  I missed the show.

However!  This morning while making coffee and replenishing food bowls, I thought I heard the sound of soft rain.  Surely not, but the air smelled fresh and was definitely cooler.  Later when Bess asked to go out, I turned on the porch light for her and don't you know there was truly a light sprinkling of rain on the deck.  Not enough to do anything but give one hope.  I'll settle for that.

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