Saturday, September 17, 2016

On Schedule

In the heat of summer and the short amount of time the girls were in the barn at night, I had allowed myself a bit of a break and only raked and cleaned their stalls every other day.  After emptying three buckets of roly-poly pellets yesterday after a one-day lapse, I realized it was time to go back on the every-day schedule.  Goats generate an amazing amount of poo.  Unlike big cow plops or horse road apples which can be removed with a few scoops of a shovel, goat raisinets go everywhere and it takes a leaf rake, a shovel, and a bucket to chase down, corner, and scoop them up.  Ah, the joys of farming.

My guilt meter swung over into the red zone yesterday and I actually got off my duff and did something about it.  Sticking to my three-item To-Do list (no sense in getting carried away), the kitchen was cleaned, the living room vacuumed and, yes, dusted!  It all looked very nice for the fifteen minutes or so before Bessie came back in the house and distributed a generous sprinkle of dry leaf bits and stickers.  Sigh.  If I were smart about the whole thing, I'd probably start at least a weekly schedule.  That, however, would mean I'd have to know what day it was.

I received a heartwarming call last evening.  My son Pete is thinking about moving north to the Sacramento area now that he is an empty-nester, his son being in the air force in San Antonio.  We've not lived in close proximity since he was 18 or so.  Won't that be nice?

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh to have all your grown kidlets close, or semi the same half of California...would be fantastic. That is what I shall wish for you!