Friday, September 30, 2016


I've learned over time to trust my instincts.  They're mine, after all, and not out to do me in.  There have been occasions when they've led me astray, but it was usually a fun trip in the long run.  I felt an immediate affinity for Kit and Tinka when we first met and time has proven my instincts to be right on point.  We talk seldom and see each other less, but that has nothing to do with our friendship.  I spent a truly enjoyable afternoon with these ladies.  With milder temperatures and a lovely breeze, we sat in the shade on the deck and talked (and talked!), making up for lost time.  They had to leave all too soon, but it was such a pleasure while they were here.

Instinctively, and in fact, I know I'm going to be cranky today.  Wandering out to the kitchen this morning about 4:30, muscle memory took over and I had the coffee pot filled with water before my brain kicked in and said, "Stop!  No coffee for you this morning."  Ratchafratch.  I have to be in Cameron Park by 11:30 for some med that will have me glowing but takes time to get in the system before a CT scan that won't take place until 1:00.  Water only today.  Aaargh.  No coffee in the morning is cruel and unusual punishment in my book.

Yesterday was a good day.  My instincts tell me that today...not s'much.

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