Saturday, September 3, 2016

Set In Our Ways

More than I realized at the time, I was influenced by a 1950 movie, "Cheaper By The Dozen," with Clifton Webb, Myrna Loy, and Jeanne Crain, about the life of Frank Gilbreth.  Gilbreth was a time and motion expert, even down to the most efficient way to bathe.  As it turns out, I spend quite a bit of time developing and revising how I do things now, how my cupboards are organized, where things are kept.  And once a system has been put in place, that's how I do it every time thereafter.  Yes, I'm set in my ways.

I'm not the only one on the farm who dislikes change.  Every morning while the coffee maker does its thing, I check the cat and dog dishes and get a milk bone for waiting Bessie Anne.  She crunches that down and comes to sit by the treat drawer.  If I'm slow, she gives a small whine to remind me that she would like (must have) a small bacon bit from the bag stored there.  I made a mistake the other day and also gave her a marrow treat from a box above.  Now that's part of her routine, as she's quick to point out.

Each goat has her own quirky way on the stand.  This one wants her head rubbed, that one prefers a bum massage.  Tessie will only get down from the left side and to my right.  Before she leaves, Esther must rub her head against my left-side ribs.  Cindy stops to huff in my face before she starts her day.  Sheila and Inga just want out!

Who is that lady with the chicken under her arm?  That would be me with Betty.  It's easier to pick her up than try not to trip over her as I tend the hens in the coop and pen.  I must also take a few minutes to sit and chat with her on my lap every day.  Betty croons and trills while I stroke her feathers.

Ralph goes along with the program, waiting for Celeste who has me trained to dole out the cat treats.  I don't mind.  With perfect manners, Celeste never fails to give me a "thank-you" rub up before taking a bite.

Get out of bed, turn on the computer.  Go make coffee and tend the house pets.  Check Facebook, drink coffee, and write the blog.  Yep, I'm set in my ways.  Works for me.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I was not a reader as a child, to my mom's dismay, as I MUCH preferred playing outside - Tom Boy and slow reader that I was. When we moved from San Gabriel to San Diego, my Jr. High English teacher had book-reading requirements, and she suggested Cheaper By The Dozen to me. Oh my gosh how I LOVED that book. In fact, I also own Belles on Their Toes by Frank and Ernestine, and I'm a Lucky Guy by Frank. I have always wanted to go to Nantucket because of Cheaper By The Dozen, and at one time in my life, when I seemed to be more efficient, I really wanted to be an efficiency expert, but had no idea how to make a living that way. Glad your shared!!