Friday, September 9, 2016

Old School

I enjoy and employ technology.  I don't tweet (or is it twitter?), but I do text and PM on FB and if there's enough time left in the morning, I email.  I have a cellphone and five wireless phones upstairs in the house, as well as a landline phone (and three downstairs).  With the exception of the cellphone, they're not used as often.

Great as the new stuff is for quick messaging, there's nothing quite like a real, honest-to-God, person-to-person telephone call.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I telephoned a high school classmate.  We graduated together in 1957, so I'm not exaggerating when I say we're "old school."  Years have gone by without connection, maybe a card now and then or a note, and I don't know why I was struck with the need to hear her voice.  Our lives have taken different paths and time has taken its toll, but her laugh is the same as it was when we wore our school uniforms and our days were ruled by the bells.  Her generosity of spirit still shines.  Yes, we did some reminiscing and discussed some health issues while playing catch-up.  Coming from differing political positions, we were able to discuss current affairs without rancor.  Did I say laugh?  OMG (see, I know the lingo), we laughed throughout our conversation.  We probably said, "Okay, I'll let you go now," five times before actually saying goodbye, and I was still smiling long after.

It was a good day.


Joan Amesbury said...

Oh Bo, that is a delicious reflection of our conversation yesterday. It is always a case of "picking up where we left off" with you. A true mark of friendship. When we were such young girls there was something special about you. You were one of those recognizable souls that have filled my life. One doesn't have to talk every day or once a year to reconnect with you.
You are always there as you have always been. It is fun being with you in the flesh, on the phone and over any other means possible.

Love you!

Kathryn Williams said...

What a treat...and then to get to read a comment from the person at the other end of that phone the icing on the cake.