Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just In Case

Just in case anyone thought I was kidding or exaggerating about the mess Dirty Dan, the deck squirrel, leaves, this is the evidence in just one area.  Capital punishment is not an option, but I'd really like to slap this little booger.  The leaves are Nature's contribution and cannot be blamed on the squirrel.  She is, however, as messy as he at this time of year, and it's only going to get worse.

The temperature soared again yesterday.  The air was mucky with smoke from several far-away fires.  It gets trapped in the valley and works its way up into the foothills.  It wasn't a hardship to get in the air-conditioned truck and finally go to the grocery store, which turned out to be a meet-and-greet site.  I ran into Arden in the aisles and later played kissy face-huggy bear with my friend Tom whom I haven't seen in forever while checking out.  Arden and I have been discussing the vulture migration.  Yesterday being the 19th, the traditional day for departure, she came over to have a cold drink and talk while we watched the skies for the gathering.  Either the big birds took off earlier and I missed it or the word hasn't gotten out yet because it didn't happen.  Just in case, she's coming back again today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh my gosh, who knew that a SQUIRREL could make that much of a mess! Don't they eat squirrel in the south??? And I'm crossing my fingers that you get to witness a vulture migration! This was a leap year - maybe they are off a day or so.