Wednesday, February 8, 2017


It rained so hard in the morning that my jacket and hoodie were still wring-'em-out wet by bedtime.  I'm talking wet!  In early afternoon the wind died down and the rain had slowed to a drizzle.  It seemed the right time to make a dash to the feed store for goat chow, so Bess and I went to Mt. Aukum.  The bed of the truck was a virtual swimming pool and the feed would have to go behind the front seat, so instead of backing in as I usually do, I pulled up next to an already-parked truck, nodded a greeting to the driver, and went in to pay for my purchase.  Assuming the older gentleman was on the same mission, I didn't pay much attention when I noticed him behind me in line (I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the break in the weather at the store).  However, as I was leaving he stopped me.  "I'm so sorry, but as I was backing out I cut the wheels the wrong way and 'bumped' your truck."  I thanked him sincerely for staying to tell me; he could have driven off and I've had had no idea who caused the damage, and we went out to take a look.  Let's just say we have different definitions of a bump.  Awww, poor Truck.  Truck is nearly twenty years old, I've had him for seventeen, and he's never had so much as a scrape in the paint.

I say with some pride that in nearly sixty-two years since I got my license I've never had an accident or even a ticket, and that includes the years I was driving all over as a consultant.  Consequently, I had no idea of procedure in such an event.  What should have been a half-hour excursion turned into a two-hour stay as Bill made calls (plural) to his insurance company.  He talked to the agent, I talked to the agent, then it was Bill's turn again.  Finally, all information was given and we shook hands.  I thanked him again for waiting to tell me; I know he'd have rather had a poke in the eye with a frozen carrot.

Bess and I were barely inside again when Bill's insurance agent called to fill me in on what happens next and to assure me that Truck would be well cared for, a rental vehicle would be provided, and an adjuster would be contacting me to inspect the damage.  Tony called just a short while later and we have an appointment here for Thursday.

The wind is up again this morning and the rain is pounding.  Awww, crum.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man...but good for Bill for being a stand up guy! So so sorry, but sounds like the insurance people are on the ball too.