Monday, February 20, 2017

Old Hat

Approaching storm prep is getting to be old hat now, we've had so many lately.  Something added was to turn on the ice maker; it's a rather enthusiastic appliance so I often turn it off.  The last storm was so recent, I'd not generated enough laundry to do again, but did run the dishwasher just in case.  The ash can was emptied and more wood to the porch.  The teapot was filled in case I need to use Kathy V.'s packet of instant coffee.  Got all my bills paid while I still had use of the computer.  We're about as ready as we can be, I hope.

I texted Larry that we're in for another big one.  That rotten Kid responded that it was 78 degrees with a light breeze in Honolulu.  Phffft.  Told him that when I get the ark built, all the animals and I will sail over and visit him.  Serves him right!

I think the weather has Celeste a little distressed.  I find her security piglets all over the house, and she's even brought one to bed with her for comfort at night.  Ralph has been needier than usual, too, claiming space on my lap more frequently.  That's okay, they are energy-efficient space heaters.

They weren't kidding about the severity of the wind, although they mentioned "gusting."  When it hit last night, it was unrelentingly sustained and it was a doozy.  I hate going to sleep at night thinking, "Save the house and the trees."  It has lessened somewhat this morning, and the rain is just ordinary, everyday rain.

Just another day in Paradise.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Yea, definitely a Day in Paradise... if you don't want to get out and see almond trees, or are they plum? In bloom...

Coughing away until ribs say enough already...ready to see that morning sun, but it surely is not Today !

Even had to rejoin Netflix for more "things to do in the rain"

Emmy Abrahams said...

alternate fact( as one of our politician calls it).

The sun will shine tomorrow