Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Glory Be

Wow!  I just let Bess out and it took me a minute to realize that strange light in the sky was the moon.  I could actually see the moon and stars.  It's not raining!

Rain.  Rain and wind again yesterday.  There were periods of letup, but it was definitely a "big-room" day for the girls.  Inga has always pawed a trench by one stall wall.  I'd fill it in, she'd dig it out.  I finally gave up and worked around it.  It's maybe a foot deep.  Well, she won't be digging for awhile.  Ground water seeped in and she had a wading pool.  Thankfully, it drained during the day and now she has a mud wallow.

I don't know whether it is the wood or Stove, but I've been having a terrible time starting and then keeping a fire going.  Consequently, the house is freezing.  If we do get a dry day, I'll ask Helper Dude to clean the chimney again.  It's possible that smoke from wet firewood created a creosote buildup.

Nothing for it but to get the trash down to the big road, so Bess and I went slipping and sliding down, trying to keep Truck from going into the ditches.  I really thought a couple of times I'd have to throw it in 4WD on the way back.  Beau was on his way to pick up his kids at the bus stop, and we stopped to talk for a minute.  I asked about his carpentry skills (what guy is going to refuse a challenge like that?).  He came by later to look at the disintegrating door to the chicken coop, and said he'd have a new one built by next week.  Glory be.

If Weather Guy can be believed, the next big rain won't come until Sunday.  Sunday, the day Pete is moving to NorCal.  It's a long drive up anytime, but seemingly goes on forever in the rain.  He's really excited about his house and has great plans for each room.  Having always lived in apartments, it will be like a palace to him.  It will be grand to have him close again.

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