Thursday, February 2, 2017

East, West, And In Between

There was a sunrise in the east yesterday, but you had to look quick because the clouds rolled over moments later and that was that.

The dratted wind kicked up and once again I fear for the trees.  Weather Guy hadn't said anything about wind for this go-round.  I'd planned on bringing more wood to the porch, but didn't want to get beat up by a whipping tarp.  These things take planning and timing.  Bess was doing much better, so I cancelled her appointment with the vet.  It's not her favorite place to go, anyhow.  On the trip to town, there were many trees down and any number of mudslides and I wasn't anxious to make that drive again.

Is there anything sadder than unrequited love?  Narcissus is back, cooing and preening to impress that bird in the shiny truck bumper.  When he gets no response in the front, he runs hopefully around to the back.  (As an aside, it seems wild turkeys have a natural lifespan of up to twelve years.  I just love Google, an instant encyclopedia!)  Turkeys are not a species that mate for life, but Narcissus remains true to his reflection.

There wasn't much difference in the sky at sundown.  Were it not for the trees, west looked the same as east.

Narcissus wasn't the only returnee yesterday.  In dim light in the shed after taking this photo, I reached into the bottom of the barrel to get grain for the chickens' nighty-night treat and felt a quick brush of fur.  Eeeuw!  I tipped the barrel and Thing made a quick escape.  Of the two, I prefer Narcissus.

The rain held off until after dark, for which I was grateful, and it seems the wind has dropped this morning.  It's going to be a good, albeit wet, day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Turn off the spigot!!! I forget - what type of creature is THING??? Glad Bessie was not needing a trip to the vet. My heavens - I just looked at my phone weather - we get your rain on Monday and Tuesday.