Thursday, February 9, 2017

Get Thee To An Infirmary

(Apologies to Shakespeare.)

Pardon me while I pour another whine.  Yesterday I came down with the cold that Larry so generously shared from his time here last weekend.  The timing for his party could not have been worse and I know he would rather have been huddled under a blanket somewhere rather than socializing while hacking and blowing.  I would not have missed giving him a last hug before he moves, cold or no cold, but I hope I'm the only one who caught his bug.  The others have jobs to go to and being ill is not on their agendas.

It's been a long, long time since I've been sick and it makes me cranky.  Tissues at the ready and a pocketful of cough drops, I sit in my chair with a covering of cats during the day and feel sorry for myself, knowing I'll have to gear up and put goats to bed.  Cranky is catching and the goats are feeling it.  I really wasn't up for dealing with one-horned Tessie in the confines of the back hallway when she went everywhere last night but where she should have been.  When she swings that twelve-inch sword, it could do real damage.  Mission accomplished, I squelched back to the house, put another log on the fire, and settled in for the night.

Yesterday I called and offered the insurance adjuster the opportunity to reschedule.  Today is supposed to be the worst day of this latest storm, with the possibility of three inches of rain falling.  The Cosumnes River is reaching flood stage and huge potholes are forming in roads everywhere.  Mt. Aukum Road may be closed for months between Somerset and Pleasant Valley due to a cavern under the pavement that is said to be as big as a living room.  Tony declined the offer; on his own head be it.

"Into each life, a little rain must fall."  (Longfellow said it first, but I like Ella Fitzgerald's version better.)  I'm about ready for a dry spell.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Sorry so many downers this morning.
And then on top of this, the computer, which is my right arm, went out for over an hour with only saying, "problems in your area"

How foolishly we are to depend SO on the computer...
But how could we read. "VIew from..." without it.

Kathryn Williams said...

Hope your cold gets better (mine took a while) but I know what you mean about that last hug - cold or no cold, I would have done the same. Can't wait for the report about Insurance Guy's trek and report!!! Your "tussle with Tessie" reminds me of when I might want to lose my temper with toddlers!!!