Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weak But Welcome

Ground fog shrouded the hills and pastures and I was almost done in the barn before the sun finally broke through.  Oh, goody!  I was able to leave the gate and door closed for the day and the girls immediately spread out in the big pen to graze.

Given that it wasn't raining, I sent Helper Dude a text asking if he could come clean the chimney, and he drove up within minutes.  I wasn't worried that the chimney would be hot because I hadn't been able to keep a fire going the night before.  It doesn't take long to run the wire brush down the flue and, sure enough, smouldering wood had built up the creosote again.  HD runs the brush; it's my job to clean out Stove.  That's the dirty part and I end up covered in soot.  Small price for heat.

Huge clouds drifted around, but Bess and I spent time out in the weak winter sunshine just because we could.  Bessie cruised around the yards and up and down the driveway.  Like the goats and me, she's been feeling the effects of being housebound, too.  Energized with ambition, I got a number of sundry chores taken care of.

It being National Margarita Day (who knew?), I made what I call Margarita Chicken for dinner.  Chicken browned with onion and garlic, and a reduced sauce of tequila and lime.  It's really very good.  The alcohol cooks off, leaving that warm tequila flavor.

Stove cooperated fully last night.  That's a good thing because it is 32 degrees this morning.  It's a chilly start to what I hope will be another sunny day.


Emmy Abrahams said...

And it is cold...33 degrees in Auburn

Kathryn Williams said...

Glad the stove got fixed, and I agree...who know about Margaritas until I saw it on Facebook. I also saw on my phone that you had SNOW!!!! Hope you are keeping your powder dry!