Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On And On

I'm not knocking it (and I hope I don't jinx it), but I'm amazed we haven't lost power.  Holy cow, the winds have been fierce.  It rained steadily all day yesterday and through the night.  There are two kinds of rainy days:  if the rain is light and sporadic, I open the gate to the play yard for the girls; if it's a downpour or steady, they get to go into the big room, as well.  Yesterday was definitely a big-room day.  It puts a crimp in my schedule because I can't get past them to clean the back stalls.  They want to come too and then it's chaos in the narrow hallway.  They're like beads of mercury or a pinball machine, scattering here and there and almost impossible to gather up again.

I make full use of the DVR feature, recording several or more episodes of favorite shows to watch back to back.  I like it when the guide says "Part I of..." because I'll wait until the mini-series is complete and then it's like going to the movies.  There are exceptions, of course, and "Mercy Street" is one of those.  It's a fact-based drama about the Civil War era and I watch it right away.  I'm waiting for Part II of "Midsomer Murders," another favorite.  "Victoria" is an another excellent PBS series (do they make any other kind?) and I had three episodes stacked up.  It's as good a way as any to while away a rainy day.

Happy birthday to my plus-one Kid Clay!  He's coming up next Saturday and has requested liver and onions for dinner.  Now that's a Kid after my own heart.

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