Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Big Doings

Having electricity but no satellite connection was like looking through the bakery window; all those goodies and no way to reach them.  I played interminable games of solitaire, and then when the sun was up high enough to melt the snow off the dishes, I was out of time to do anything but gear up and get to the barn.  C'est la guerre.

Linda introduced me to a new-to-me, very good Chinese restaurant where we met for a most pleasant, leisurely lunch to celebrate her birthday.  I certainly couldn't windge about the smattering of snow here when she told of the three or four inches that fell at her place.

Taking advantage of the trip to town, I stopped to buy new barn shoes, the current pair falling into shreds.  Imagine my joy when I found exactly what I wanted (and have been buying for a couple of years) for less than half-price.  I bought two pair!  The bad part is that they're probably closing that style out, hence the sale.  Drat.

Pete is now an official resident of Orangevale.  I am so glad he missed the worst of the weather for his move.  (It doesn't snow in Orangevale.)

Sunset last evening was pretty spectacular.  However...

there wasn't much competition with the photo Larry shared from his view in Hawaii.  I sent him the picture of snow on the deck and asked if he wanted to trade.  He said no.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Both of your pictures are wonderful...but sorry, I will vote for Larry's view - at least for awhile. And so glad that Pete got installed in Orangevale! Oh, and yay for the shoes.