Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nothing Doing

After the hoopla of the day before, yesterday was a do-nothing day.  That's pretty much the way I roll anymore:  one day on, one day off.  Bess and I took advantage of another afternoon of bright sun and blue sky to sit outside.  More rain is predicted for this weekend and I needed my sunshine fix.  I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunny day.  We were joined on the deck by my pushup-performing lizard totems.  They make me smile.  The girls spent time lounging on the slope of their pen.  The cats found patches of warmth on the floor in the house.  Only the front door is solid wood (with an oval window); the rest (seven upstairs) are glass, so there were plenty of spots for Celeste and Ralph to lie around.

Celeste takes the care of "her" piglets seriously.  She continues to carry them around in her mouth.  "Mrrowff, mrrowff."  I found one in the shower; not sure if she was hiding it from Ralph or telling me it needed a bath.

While it hasn't snowed for a couple of days, the morning frost is heavy.  The deck and fields are so white, it could easily be mistaken for snow.  Bess's early morning potty runs are pretty quick, and Ralph snuggles on my lap as I sit at the computer, warming his little pink paws.  That does make typing a bit awkward, but he doesn't care.

It being an "on" day, I may get something done today.  Or not.

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