Friday, March 31, 2017

Make My Day

At the risk of sounding like Dirty Harry (but in a good way), my Kids sure know how to make my day.  There I was, sitting at the computer and wishing I were anywhere else, when Clay called and said he would be coming up today.  Wahoo!

While down with the girls, we traded rain for a stiff breeze that blew all day long.  I left the play yard open so those kids would have a place to shelter from the wind.  Most of the time the goats hunker down in wallows they've scraped out, but at least they had a choice yesterday.

The wind chill was enough that I weakened and lit a fire in Stove after barn chores.  Unlike an open fireplace, starting a fire in Stove is a rather complicated process that requires attention until it is well and truly burning.  Three vents regulate air flow:  not enough and the fire smoulders or goes out entirely; too much and the blaze roaring up the flue could easily start a chimney fire.

While keeping one eye on Stove, I drifted into TV heaven.  I found a channel that is playing reruns of "M*A*S*H" to record and watch back to back.  I had forgotten those old favorites and how good the writing was.  When M*A*S*H first ran (1972-1983), I think I watched it for the humor.  With the passing of time and the wars in Vietnam and the Middle East and elsewhere, I find that I am more often brought to tears than laughter now.

Later in the afternoon after another stint at the computer, Bess and I were desperate for a breath of fresh air and a bit of sunshine.  We did a quick walkabout on the deck and front yard.  She and I double-timed it back to the house because that breeze was more than brisk, it cut to the bone.

That's about the time Clay called and made my day.

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