Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Day Without

A day without rain or snow, even without sunshine, is a pretty good day, and that's what we had yesterday.

Timing is everything, and given the state of our roads lately, it was hard to judge how long it would take to get down to Cameron Park.  Any trip to town takes planning so that as many errands as possible can be done.  I'm not the only one who plans stops going down or coming back so they're on the right side of the road.  The hastily repaired sinkhole on Bucks Bar is dipping again, but the road was passable.  There are more potholes in every road, and I wasn't the only driver who could have been busted for DUI for swerving across the lines (on those roads that have lines up here).

One stop at the north end of P'ville, jump on the freeway to CP, and sit and wait in the doctor's office.  That's unusual for this group so I wasn't going to complain.  It was nice to have a breather after rushing to get there.  I was sorry to learn that my oncologist will be moving to the Bay Area; I like him so well.  I needed some lab work and my phlebotomist was a very young, smiling gal who explained she was a student and needed my permission before she could draw blood.  "Are you any good?"  "Well, I think so."  She was happily impressed by my cooperative veins, and I gave her an A-plus when she finished.  She'll do just fine.

Another stop on the way home.  It's a good indicator of our recent weather that Walmart was out of space heaters and had a dwindling supply of fire-starters.

I understand there are plans for a "Day Without Women" march.  I was introduced some years ago to a film called "A Day Without Mexicans."  It's a B- or C-grade movie, but it is an impressive message as to just what a "day without" means.

I'll settle for a day without rain or snow.  It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Glad we didn't lose you to a giant sinkhole, and glad your day without, was without what you didn't want anyway!!!