Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dancing In The Dark

I don't do much dancing in the dark (1931 song by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz), but I do stumble around in the dark in the morning.  Why is it that bare feet hone in like radar with unerring aim to find cat yark?  Yuck!  Celeste's knitted piglets are not a problem, but it's unnerving to step on the bald hamster, as well.  But I digress.

My dance card is full up this week.  Do formal dances still use dance cards?  Are there still formal dances?  Does everyone know what a dance card is?  Back in the day when Hector was a pup (there's a forgotten phrase) and I was in high school, before the prom began the girls were given cards (little booklets) with numbered lines for the boys who requested a dance to write their name, a reservation, as it were.  The last dance was always reserved for the girl's date.  But again my train of thought has gone off track.

Tuesday was Truck's inspection and lunch with Arden.  Today I'm meeting Camille at a restaurant she recommends, and I've got to dash home afterward to meet Candy, the "have scissors, will travel" hairdresser.  Friday I'm transporting Cam to P'ville to pick up a friend's car and then I'm going on to re-register Truck at DMV (not looking forward to that).  On Saturday Pete and Harold are coming for dinner.  Yesterday was another soggy day and I took the day off to recharge my personal battery.  This social whirl is wearing me out!  "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can" (1982 movie with Jill Clayburgh).

Dancing in the dark is one thing, driving in the rain is another.  It's supposed to be sunny today.  Fingers crossed! 

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Kathryn Williams said...

Hope you got your sun, and my goodness you ARE a busy gal. There were no dance cards at our high school from '61-'64, but perhaps others had them. That brings to mind one of my favorite movies, Calamity Jane. For the early part of the movie she just wears buckskins and her hair is often tousled and she's anything by lady-like. But after her friend cleans her up and she dresses for the dance, she's quite a looker. At the dance, when she removes her giant overcoat to reveal a pretty party dress and all her curves, there are way more men than lines on her dance card...and there's a clever line that I can't remember.