Friday, March 17, 2017

Morn Til Night

Morning walkabouts are so pleasant at this time of year.  The forsythia has more blossoms than ever before, and the one pink anemone is a nice decorator touch.
The plum trees in the front orchard always make me think of lacy white dresses when they burst into bloom.

I had a most satisfactory visit with my radiologist yesterday and she's very optimistic.  It's hard to believe this cancer odyssey started a year ago next month.  So far, so good.

The drive to town was as colorful as my yard.  Salmon-pink flowering quince line the roads, and acacia trees in bloom are frothy splashes of bright yellow above.  Daffodils are everywhere.  Days of rain are predicted next week, and you can believe I had my eye out for a dogwood in flower.

 I had a moment of panic when I returned home.  There was not one chicken in the yard and not a peep from the coop.  It was so unusual that I went in to see and found the entire flock silent and huddled at the very back.  Evidently the hawk had made another appearance.  Poor frightened little kids.

I've got to clear out my cache of irrelevant downloaded photos.  Truly, how many pictures of sunsets does one person need?  It's an obsession.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Great photos, wonderful news from your radiologist, and yes, poor little chicks!!