Saturday, March 11, 2017

You Did Well, Grasshopper

("Kung Fu," TV series, David Carradine, 1972-75)

When your son serves a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and makes it look and taste like restaurant-quality gourmet fare, it's worthy of note, in my opinion.  As we discussed, cooking for a family of six, it was more important then to cook a lot of food (never less than fourteen pork chops at a time) and get it on the table quickly.  There was no time for garnishes like the basil chiffonade and Parmesan cheese that mads the soup so special.

The trip to and from Pete's house was uneventful.  I'll admit to a few minutes of white knuckles after leaving the freeway when road work narrowed three lanes to one.  It was a blessing in disguise because the stop-and-go (more stop than go) traffic gave me time to look for road signs.  It's funny how the ride home goes so much faster than the way to an unknown area.

I don't know what I expected, but walking into Pete's house was very much like going to a model home.  Every detail was carefully color coordinated, every picture arttfully placed.  A professional interior decorator couldn't have impressed me more.  What didn't surprise me was his media room (yes, a media room!).  Pete, for years, has designed industrial sound systems and his room was a virtual movie theater.

That all of my Kids are good cooks doesn't surprise me.  Pete and Deb outdo Martha Stewart in variety, taste and presentation, Dave's specialties are barbecue and Mexican cuisine, and Larry, at one time, was a professional cook.  (Clay is still an unknown.)  When the student surpasses the teacher, it's time to say, "You did well, Grasshopper."

One little girl who did not do so well yesterday was the hen who was more interested in getting out into the sunshine than doing her job.  It looks like she just pooped this pitiful excuse for an egg and ran out the door.  I guess I can't really blame her.

It's hard to say how much I enjoyed an afternoon of conversation and catching up with my son.  It was a grand day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Wow - that's all I have to say - WOW! Your day makes me smile!