Saturday, March 4, 2017


Back in the 1960s, BBC ran a comedy show, "That Was The Week That Was."  Not necessarily comedic, but when I awoke to sunlight this morning (and in which century did that last happen?), I realized I'd been through TWTWTW.  All good stuff, but busy!  Clay's visit on Saturday, lunch in town with Linda on Monday, Pete's and Camille's visits on Wednesday, another trip to town for Bessie's heartworm medicine on Thursday, and a lovely visit from Arden and Cam yesterday.  My dance card was full!  (And I was tired.)

I watch a lot of cooking programs, and a particular favorite is "The Great British Baking Show."  I'd recently seen an episode where Paul Hollywood made poppy seed crackers (he called them biscuits) and decided yesterday to make them for nibbles when the ladies came for drinks.  There was a slight problem in that I can't convert British grams and milliliters to cups and ounces, but watched the DVR'd show again and thought I could eyeball the ingredients.  They actually turned out quite well.

The sun may have been shining when I got up, but a cloud cover has crept in.  After several really lovely days, it's hard to think of rain tonight and snow again tomorrow.  Aarrgh.  That's okay, this social butterfly is ready to rest her wings for a bit.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Happy "sogging" as my folks called "time off and time to oneself (with some TV thrown in). And no, this "sogging" isn't in relationship to ground being soggy :-)