Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good Ol' Truck

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  I've got the 'early to rise' part of Benjamin Franklin's proverb down, but I guess falling asleep in the chair negates the 'early to bed' part for this to be true or maybe it just works for men.  You know I was on the move early yesterday when I had to literally wake up the goats to get barn chores done in time to make my appoint in town.  The looks I got:  "Wha-a-a??  What are you doing here now?  It's not even light out!"  It didn't help that it was pouring down rain, but we got through it.  I'd thought about not taking the time to change clothes, but the bibbies were soaked to the knee and even my socks were wet and I couldn't envision sitting in a waiting room in that condition.

I talked to Truck all the way to Diamond Springs.  "Kid, if you've ever behaved in your life, today is the day to perform well.  A lot (an awful lot) depends on you.  I know you can do this.  Make me proud."  We were all of five minutes late, but Brake Guy didn't hold that against us.  BG forewarned me that most vehicles didn't pass inspection on the first go-round.  Well, that bit of news make my heart sink.  After all, Truck is nineteen years old.  I handed over the keys, gave Truck a pat and whispered "Good luck," and took my book in to sit and wait, dollar signs flashing in front of my eyes.

Arden arrived and we took off, BG telling us to, "Take your time."  She needed to make a stop at the bead store, a place I absolutely haunted in the past when I was heavy into beaded projects.  There is a new owner, but not much else has changed.  We then dawdled over a "taco Tuesday" lunch before she dropped me off back at the shop.  BG informed me that Truck failed the light inspection because three dinky bulbs had burned out.  "Can you replace them?"  (I'm talking about a bulb in the door that is supposed to go on when the door is opened, and the other two were just as insignificant.)  "Well, yes, but I'll have to charge you."  (Like I'd expect anything less.)  "Please do."

Instead of the five o'clock BD had projected, he was done with Truck by one.  "And the brakes?"  The brakes had passed with flying colors!  Three bright new bulbs and a wallet much lighter, we headed for home.  Good ol' Truck!!

It is pouring rain again this morning, but my personal sun is shining.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Having truck working and passing like being told, " no cavities"..
Have a good rainy day at home.

Kathryn Williams said...

I agree with Emmy! Congrats, and glad you were home long before expected! It's obvious that you have taken GOOD care of your "baby" truck!