Friday, March 3, 2017

New Crop

When Pete was here, he mentioned the Flying Wallendas, the acrobatic troupe of mice that was so entertaining for a season or so some years ago.  They climbed and swung on ropes, walked high rafters, and took death-defying leaps without a net.   Going into the milking room was like going to the circus every day.  I must say, I miss the Wallendas.

It seems the mouse community as a whole takes on a different personality each time.  Some years the gang is very social, sitting nearby to munch their cereal without much fear.  Then there are the pirates who race across the room to raid the grain pile on the other side.  This year they're a pretty skittery bunch, popping up three or four times to check before getting brave enough to snatch a morsel and duck back down into the safety of their tunnels.  Even if one or two are courageous enough to sit outside the hole, let the goat or I move even slightly and they're outta here!

We're due for a new crop of mice babies and it will be interesting to see their group behavior emerge.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Kind of like a classroom of little ones - more good than obstreperous, and they mainly behave...more trouble makers than the easy ones, and they can sway the middle-of-the-roaders!!