Thursday, March 2, 2017

Three Little Words

Right after "I love you," the next best threesome is "I'm coming over," in my opinion.  Knowing he'd moved to the area only a few days ago and busy with all that entails, it was a most pleasant surprise yesterday to hear Pete say, "I'm coming over!"  Driving our backroads is a far cry from SoCal freeways and gave Pete a sense of freedom and adventure.  He stopped at Mt. Aukum and my street creds went up by association, I'm sure, because his snazzy muscle car created quite a stir among the guys there.  Pete's visits have been far between over the years, with conversation crammed into what time was available.  How grand to spend a leisurely afternoon with my "missing" son and know there would be more in the future.  The weather cooperated fully and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

Not long after Pete left, I heard those three words again, this time from Camille.  It being warmer outside than in, we sat on the front porch and had our usual good talk.

It was a good day (my favorite five words).

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Kathryn Williams said... heart is smiling!!