Friday, March 24, 2017

Going And Coming

This week I've been changing clothes like a runway model.  Now I've got to work on that slinky, gliding walk.  Somehow I fear that won't work in barn shoes, but wouldn't that be a sight to see?

The big and little girls were so happy to be let out into sunshine for a change yesterday and so was I.  The grass is lush and ankle high in the goat pen so I've cut back on their alfalfa significantly.  After breakfast, the girls each heads for her favorite spot to bed down and soak up the rays, eyes half closed.  I could swear they were smiling.  The chickens, on the other hand, tumble down the ramp and start scratching for bugs and worms under clumps of soggy leaves.  They race around their pen like things demented, wings akimbo, whether for the exercise or because of sheer happiness, I don't know.

I met Camille for a very good lunch and the pleasure of her company.  Leaving in plenty of time, even the drive down and back was pleasant.  I have no problem pulling over to let cars in a rush to go by.  I dislike being tailgated, and I don't wish to hold up those foolish enough to speed on winding, potholed roads in wildlife country.  Sometimes I think, "There goes an accident on it's way to happen."  I don't drive slow for the conditions (45 mph), but there's always a flatlander or two who thinks freeway speed is acceptable, cutting the line on blind curves, putting others at risk.  I had to laugh, a utility truck was ahead of me and we seemed to be of like mind.  We both pulled over in the same spot twice.  "We've got to stop meeting like this!"

I got home to find a message from Candy, who was running late.  That gave me time to whip out the dust rag and swipe down another room.  (I get more done under pressure.)  Candy gave me her usual good haircut and then she was on her way again.

Loading up Bessie Anne in the truck, we headed down to Mt. Aukum to fill up Truck's tank so I can head out again today.  Aarrgh.  For a homebody, I've sure been gone a lot lately.

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