Saturday, April 1, 2017

Man At Work

Clay had said he was bringing up materials and I thought they were perhaps for some future project, but no.  After a brief rest and catch-up conversation, he went right to work on repairing the double doors on the middle section of what I call the feed barn.  There are two extensions on either side of the big room, one where the alfalfa is stored and one smaller enclosed room where I keep the chicken feed and odds and ends of various hobbies and crafts of mine.  The main room was Steve's and is full of a hodge-podge of his stuff.  There are tools and a full roll of barbed wire and a lot of unidentifiable items; at least I don't know what they are.  I'm afraid to throw anything out because that whatever-it-is might be the very thing that is needed in the future to fix something or other.  Thing considers the entire barn his and continues to wreak havoc everywhere.

Time and weather had nearly destroyed the doors and the trim wood had rotted badly.  Clay racked up the Good Son points by removing the doors and replacing the bad wood with new lumber.  I've learned to stay out of a working man's way and offer moral support only.  Fortunately, it was an absolutely glorious day and a pleasure to be outside.  I understand that it was exceptionally windy down in the valley, but up here there was only a light breeze.  Clay took a break and we had a late lunch-early dinner together.  When darkness was falling and it was time to put the critters to bed, Clay put the doors temporarily in place and said he'd be back next week to finish the job.  Two visits from my Kid in one week makes me a happy camper!

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Actually, it sounds like it was a GREAT day!!!! Yay Clay!