Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Better View

This is the preferred view of cloud cover and wind, in my opinion.  I won't say it was a warm day as that breeze had a chill bite, but omigosh was the sunshine ever welcome.

It seems Snake is also a fair-weather kind of guy.  I see neither hide nor hair (scale nor fang?) of him on rainy days, but he was back at his post yesterday.  What I find amazing is that the mice apparently have no fear of the creature.  Do snakes have no warning scent?  Is it because he stays as still as a statue?  The mice go on about their business, running past within inches, and I'm not sure they don't run right across him at times.  Let's just say I'm a lot more cautious in the milking room these days, looking both ways before stepping inside.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the view yesterday.  I get a kick out of the jackrabbits that use my driveway like a freeway as they "hop along the bunny trail."  I would have thought they'd stay in the high weeds of the field and pasture where they wouldn't be so vulnerable to hawks and other predators, but they were out in full force in the sunshine.

I don't know what's up with Celeste these days.  She is making a concerted effort to be best friends with Bessie Anne.  Bess was lying at my feet and Celeste was almost coquettish, rolling and stretching in front of the dog, reaching out to touch Bess's face.  Bessie didn't know what to make of it, either.  There the cat was again this morning, rubbing all over her while Bessie was waiting for her breakfast treat.  I wonder if Celeste and Ralph had a falling out of sorts.

It's supposed to be sunny again today, but wouldn't you know rain is predicted for tomorrow afternoon?  Of course it is, because the Kids are coming up.  Well, in the meantime I'll just enjoy the view.

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