Wednesday, April 26, 2017


As the Romper Room Lady (an old TV show) would say, "This is a Watch-Bird watching you."  While I sit and look at trees and clouds, Bessie Anne protects the neighborhood.  That bottom rail is at just the right height to rest her chin and the pickets are just the right width apart for her nose.  She might move from sun to shade, but this is how I see her most often when we share deck time.

More and more lizards are showing up on sunny days.  This is a new crop of little bitty guys.  I'm not sure a two-inch lizard is big enough to call a totem, maybe a tote?

Bess and I are not the only ones who enjoy the deck, but this sharing business has gone too far.  This is all that is left of my salad garden and I didn't get a leaf.  Aarrgh!  The ground squirrels keep the cats amused (or frustrated) as they run back and forth with impunity.  Ralph and Celeste watch the activity from window sills and doorways, kek-kek-keking away in excitement.  I think the thing that really frosts my cookies is that, even though they have ten acres in which to do their business, the squirrels come up on the deck to use my flower pots as litter boxes.  I mean, really?!

Bess and I took the trash down to the big road yesterday to the bin we share with Camille.  The ungainly wheeled bins must be dragged across the street and back again which is a pain in the patoot, but better than having to take a truckload of trash into town to the dump.  Sigh.

It was a lovely sunny day.

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