Friday, April 28, 2017

One Way

One way or another, like it or not, I'm getting dragged into the 21st century.  My computer was getting slower and slower, especially frustrating when trying to write these entries.  I'd type four or five words and then wait (and wait) for them to show up on the screen.  That didn't do much for my oft derailed train of thought.  I won't say it was a plot, but when I contacted my service provider I was told the solution was to upgrade.  Of course.  I agreed and yesterday was the day for Computer Guy to come and install a new modem and do whatever it is these guys do.  The appointment was for between two and five and that was fine with me; I'd have time to wave a dust rag around in what is now called No Man's Land.  Computer Guy called in the morning, "Could we move your appointment up to noon?"  Gulp.  "Yes."  I gave detailed directions; it wouldn't be the first time a delivery person had spent time wandering around lost in these hills.  CG called back about twelve, said he'd had an emergency, and could he come at two?  Oh good grief.  "Yes."  When he finally did get here, he immediately set to work.  My dad would have said he moved as fast as a cat with turpentine under its tail.  Zut zut, and he'd switched out the modem.  Zoot zoot, and he was up on the roof replacing something or other on the satellite dish.  Zoom zoom, and he was downstairs checking the wiring under the house.  Ta da!  And he was done.  It was then he mentioned that the new modem included a WiFi system and asked if I wanted him to connect with my cellphone.  "Oh, yes please."

I should mention here that I'd had a failed attempt once before with WiFi that required my phone to be completely wiped clean and rebooted and I'd removed the equipment.  I had talked to Pete about this and he'd said he would come up and reinstall the system.  In fact, while CG was up on the roof I sent Pete a message and we made arrangements for this Saturday.  You can imagine my excitement when I was told I had this innovation right then and there and would be able to use my cellphone for more than phone calls and texting without overstepping my data allotment.  I could hardly wait to tell Pete!

CG had a bit of an accent and I asked where he was from.  "Russia."  As he worked, he told me how he had come to the United States and the different jobs he'd had.  In the course of our conversation, I asked the meaning of a phrase I'd often heard in films, dasvidaniya.  Somehow I'd never connected it to "Goodbye."  The last thing CG said as he got into his car was, "Dasvidaniya!"

Pete is coming for dinner on Saturday.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh what a cheery blog and yay for your new technology! I certainly don't use my phone the way the young 'uns know how to do, but I do enjoy being able to check email and FB and connect to the internet when needed!!! And yay for Pete's visit.