Sunday, April 9, 2017

Did I Mention...? Chapter II

Did I mention that Nature is always capricious this time of year?  She really outdid herself yesterday. and threw darned near everything in her playbook at us.

The morning began with sunshine, a nice surprise, but it wasn't long until the cloud cover rolled in.  On my way to tend to the girls I gathered a big bunch of leafy twigs to throw over the fence.  Did I mention that goats really love leaves?  Being browsers in a pen without trees, this was a real treat for them.  The prediction had been for light, intermittent showers so I left only the play yard open for the day.  The grass was so waterlogged from the previous night's storm that by the time I got back from the goat barn, my shoes were so soaked that I might have been wading in Lake Tahoe.  They're still drenched and certainly won't be wearable for days.

The sun did peek out once in awhile, but the temperature stayed down in the 30s.  Did I mention I'd used the last of the porch firewood the day before?  There was no sense bringing up a wagon of wet wood, so it was a case of grab a lap robe and a couple of cats and tuck in for the duration.

Without prelude, it suddenly started snowing and continued to snow for an hour.  I had one of those deja vu moments when I recalled that it had snowed the week before Deb and Craig's wedding here sixteen years ago this month.  (By the way, Deb messaged later in the day that they'd spent the day outside in sunshine working in their garden.  Lucky them.)

Shortly after the snow stopped falling, the sun came out and within an hour all the white was gone.  My head was spinning just trying to keep up.

I'm glad I have photographic proof, because by sundown if I'd try to say it had snowed earlier, no one would believe me.  Yes, that's a full moon in the sky.

Whew, what a day!

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Kathryn Williams said...

I would believe you...Tinka called with virtually the same tale, even tho you guys sometimes have different weather patterns. Wild and Woolly I say!