Thursday, April 6, 2017


Snake returned.  Crum.  I almost missed him because he'd moved to the opposite, darker side of his nook, but was in that same statuesque upright position.  He's not the ideal roommate for the mice and goats, rattlesnake or not.  I'm certainly not going to put out the welcome mat for him.

In addition to the wasps, this weather has brought out the gnats.  These tiny, pesky insects are so irritating.  While they don't land and bite, they dance in a cloud directly in front of and only inches away from your eyes.  From any distance, it must appear I've gone loopy as I constantly wave my arms about as I'm going anywhere outside.  Come to think of it though, they don't hover on the deck.

Bess and I made a quick trip to replenish the feed supply in the afternoon.  I hate to admit it, but the 75-pound bags of goat chow are getting harder and harder to haul from the truck to the feed shed, but there's nothing for it but to "get 'er done."  Later, Bessie and I went out to rest and get a breath of fresh air.  We were enjoying the view when Bess started a deep growl in her throat.  I looked where she was staring and caught sight of another invader.  Before I could grab her collar, my loyal protector launched like a rocket.  For an old girl, she can really boogie.  Fortunately, this much larger dog showed good manners with the introductory mutual butt sniff and no aggression whatsoever when Bessie charged up.  Whew!  Black Dog went on up the drive past the goats, but only gave them a passing glance.  The girls, of course, were on high alert.  He went up to the west field and found his way blocked, so turned around and came back down.  Acknowledging that he meant no harm, Bess allowed him to go by without another challenge, and the last we saw of him he was going on up our road.  I hope his owners find him soon.

While I might feel it after moving bags of feed, Bessie Anne is paying the price for her burst of youthful speed.  She evidently strained the muscles in a hind leg and was limping badly last night.  She hasn't yet jumped off the bed, not even to get her morning treats.  I see a pain pill in her future today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Poor Bess...but I'm glad that black dog has manners and seems to be smart about making acquaintances.