Saturday, April 8, 2017

Did I Mention...?

Did I mention it's been windy?  I was greeted by this green-festooned driveway as I left the house yesterday.  Not content with the single, but numerous, dry leaves of fall, Nature went wild with her pruning shears and tore small but complete branches from every oak on the property and blamed it on the wind.
It was even worse on the other side of Truck heading out to the feed barn.  Holy Toledo, it's a wonder there's a leaf left on the trees!  In a way, procrastination worked in my favor this time.  I've been planning to spend a day picking up dead branches, etc., from prior storms in the front yard so, if it ever stays dry for more than two days in a row, I can mow.  I'd be really pissy if I'd done that and then have to do it all over again with this green bounty.  I'll be permanently bent over like a crone, but at least one or two days of playing outdoor Pick-Up-Sticks should get the job done.
Rain spit off and on while I tended to barn chores so once again I left the door and gate open so the girls could seek refuge.  The view on the way back to the house wasn't any better.  The deck and the back yard look just the same.  The old girl really did a number on us.

The wind blew hard all day long.  I tried to get a fire going, but I'm pretty sure the wind was going down instead of up the chimney and the house stayed cold.  Arden came for a lovely visit in the afternoon and both she and I looked like we'd styled our hair with an egg beater.

There was a letup toward dusk, but it was literally the calm before the storm as it started raining and raining hard after dark and it poured all night long.  Did I mention I'm pretty tired of all this weather?

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Emmy Abrahams said...

Yes, ENOUGH rain and wind. It was like a monsoon here yesterday....
Poor plants I put in last week don't know what is happening.
Maybe some relief today, but we better not count on it.