Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Going Green

I waved to John on my way to the barn yesterday.  There he sat out there in the field, all by his lonesome.  I'll bet he doesn't fib to me again about his gas supply.  (But didn't he do a nice job cutting down the weeds?)

As if I don't have enough critters to worry about, I was a little concerned to find Snake in the same place and in pretty much the same position.  Snakes don't blink, so no clue there, but there was none of the flickering tongue action one expects from snakes.  Was he contemplating his navel, digesting a meal, or dying?  Not being a herpetologist, I have no idea what or if anything was wrong.  I hope Snake has moved on, or at least moved, today.

After a day spent shuffling and sorting papers, I needed some sunshine and fresh air.  Bess and I did a walkabout and then rested by Clay's trailer.  When he was here, we looked out over the tree-covered hills and I asked, "How can you describe the color green?"  There is a seemingly endless variety of shades, all "green."  The afternoon sun shining through the new leaves on the oak was so pretty overhead.

Clay is coming back today, so it's going to be a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You and John did a masterful job on that field, and the green of the new oak leaves is gorgeous. Have a great day with Clay!